Best 2013 genetics and evolution papers (a personal selection)

At this time of the year I usually screen the papers I have printed/downloaded/read during the year, as an exercise to recall what has been discovered this year. I thought that it would be a good idea to create a list of my favourite 2013 papers and post it in this blog. Obviously, this is a very personal list, and the selection is completely biased. Also, the list is not about the best discoveries or the most famous findings, so don’t expect microbrains or Lenski’s experiments. Hope you find this list, at least, informative.

But before the list, I want to stress from which journals I have downloaded/read most of the papers. These are the top 10 journals: PLoS ONE, PLoS Genetics, Genetics, MBE, PNAS, NAR, arXiv, Science, BMC Genomics and Genome Res. Clearly, PLoS ONE and arXiv have a substantial impact in my field.

Out of 500+, this is my small selection (with no particular order):

Happy new year!

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3 Responses to “Best 2013 genetics and evolution papers (a personal selection)”

  1. Krishna Udaiwal (@KrishnaUdaiwal) Says:

    Any chance you’ll be proposing a list for 2015 as the end of the year approaches?
    I personally think a scientist may be better defined by what he/she reads or likes in papers more than what they publish. What do you think? Also an excellent way for me, a student, to attempt understand which direction a scientist is going (reading history as a prediction into future interests, you know). Any opinions?

    • Antonio Marco Says:

      Many thanks for your interest. Regarding the list of 2015 papers, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to so do. Last year, like this one, became very hectic towards the end with papers/grants submission. I’ll see what I can do, anyway.

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